Night of the Living Dead

FALL 2019

October 25 - November 2, 2019
Written by Christopher Bond, Trevor Martin, Dale Boyer, Mike Trebilcock, Jamie Lamb
Directed by Keith Kollee
Six strangers, a lonely farmhouse, surrounded by brain-eating zombies – what could go wrong?
More than just a re-creation of the story, this play celebrates the history and influence of its source material. Through a series of multiple endings, the characters are all faced with different issues and challenges while desperately trying to survive the night. However, their contrasting personalities and agendas always seem to prevent the group from working together. Which leaves us all wondering: Could anyone survive a night of the living dead?

The Burning Pestle


February 21 - 29, 2020
Written by Dan Gibbins
Directed by Matt Pickering


It's opening night for Taranto Theatre's new play, a comedy of star-crossed lovers from house playwright Phil Payton. But when the donor whose grant is keeping the struggling company from bankruptcy decides she has some changes to suggest, Phil and the rest of the company must adapt, as their simple romance is complicated by the addition of a new character, an unpredictable knight... the knight of the Burning Pestle.

Meteor Shower

Fall 2020

October, 2020


Over 3 incredible Fridays, Scorpio Theatre presents three short spectacles of sketches, songs, and
laughs, broadcast from virus-proof locations throughout the city. You thought the Scorpio
shenanigans were funny before, well wait till you see what happens after being locked inside for
Hosted by Carl Bishop and Dan Gibbins, Scorpio Tonight provides bite-sized entertainments from
the comfort of your own home.