I hear Scorpio is a pretty awesome company.

How can I get involved?

There are three ways to become a member of Scorpio Theatre Society:

  1. Participate in one of our productions. Acting, operating, stage handing, you name it. It takes a lot of work to put on a show and if you’re willing to give us that kind of effort, we’re willing to give you a seat at the table.
  2. The Board of Directors and The Executive branch of the company are always looking for passionate, interested people who can help run the company and keep us growing and healthy. From doing the books to running our marketing, there are a million ways to get involved. Speak to any member of the Board or Executive to find out what opportunities might fit you and who knows… maybe we’ll see you at the next meeting!
  3. Anyone can spend $30 to purchase a membership, or renew an existing one. This is great for people who may not have the time or inclination to participate directly in a Scorpio production, but would still like to support the company. In appreciation for your support you get all of the sweet membership benefits mentioned below and, hey… we like you too.

Now remember, your membership is only valid for 1 year.

Renewals can be filed at every AGM, or at any Scorpio sanctioned event where an Executive Director or member of the Board of Directors is present to take payment.

What does being a member of Scorpio Theatre get me?

Members of Scorpio Theatre get a lot of really great benefits. All of them alongside the fact that you get to proudly belong to not only the coolest theatre company in town, but to a network of friends and family that transcends the common theatrical experience.

Here’s some specifics:

  • $19 tickets to our shows (regular: $23).
    • As a member of Scorpio Theatre you will be entitled to membership rates when you purchase tickets to Scorpio productions either in advance, or at the door. Member tickets cost $17 compared to the regular $21. Sadly, taxes and fees still apply.
  • Advanced notice of auditions.
    • As Scorpio continues to push boundaries and bruise knuckles in our quest to bring bigger, better and more awesome theatre to our stages, any member with a theatrical bone will appreciate the benefit of having 48 hours of advanced notice for all Scorpio auditions. As a member you’ll get first crack at all the sweetest time slots and two days extra to brush the suck off last season’s monologues!
  • Volunteer appreciation BBQ.
    • Once every year the Government of Alberta mandates that we get everyone together, chat about the company and vote on some stuff. This is a democracy, after all. Our fearless leaders on the Board of Directors have decided that a stuffy old meeting filled with numbers and by-laws and ballots isn’t quite how Scorpio rolls so once a year, they choose a fine summer day; invite all the members down so that they can have the pleasure of serving you. Burgers, beers and ballots… we can’t think of anything more civilized. And besides, it’s the Board’s way of saying that whether you’re on stage, in the booth, behind a curtain, sitting in our audience or coming to celebrate our successes with us; we appreciate your efforts.
  • Learn our darkest secrets!
    • As a member of the society you will be entitled to access to all of Scorpio’s books. Interested in where the money comes from? Where the money goes? Want to call your own special meeting of the membership or just yell at the Artistic Director? You can do all that and more. Access to our bylaws, budgets and many other official documents is your right as a member of the society. Its good information to have to cast informed votes at the AGM which is the single solemn duty of each member, meant to help keep our company accountable to you.
  • Advanced notice on limited attendance events
    • The risk you run in being with a company this awesome is that sometimes there aren’t enough chairs. With adoring masses clambering to get through the door we can’t always find ways to accommodate everyone for everything. When those times come that an event has limited availability, we promise that our members will know about it before any of the groupies can their paws on a ticket.
  • Invite to the  CAT Awards Scorpio Family Dinner.
    • “No, God dammit! For just one day we’re going to dress nice, be civilized and act like a family!” ~Aaron Conrad, first annual CAT Awards Dinner
    • The CAT awards are a great event to get all of us together. We all dress up, drink wine, applaud our peers and be applauded by them in return. The CATs are always a magical night. But they’re also a night filled with people from all over the community and we understand that everyone has a few handshakes to pass out, a few friends to catch up with and few glasses of wine that aren’t going to empty themselves. For that reason, we started the annual “CAT Awards Scorpio Family Dinner.” We pick a restaurant with enough seats to contain our madness and we all enjoy a nice meal together before dashing off to be fabulous at the awards. The words “carbo loading” have also been used to describe the purpose of this event.


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