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It Came From Mars

Directed by: Carl Bishop
Written by: Joseph Zettelmaier
October 7 – 15, 2016


October 30, 1938.  While in rehearsal for their weekly radio play the cast and crew of "Farlowe's Mystery Theatre Hour" hear a terrifying report over the radio - Martians have landed! Faced with Martian invasion and barricaded in their studio, passions ignite, secret identities are revealed and slapstick mayhem ensue when a washed-up director, his drama queen Ex, a wanna-be war hero, a ditzy actress, and a German sound effects wiz all think they are about to annihilated by men from Mars. Honesty and hilarity erupt as truth and loyalty square off against fear and paranoia. Scorpio brings this award-winning comedy to Calgary for its Canadian premiere. Directed a master comedian, Carl Bishop!

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Directed by: Keith Kollee
Written by: George F. Walker
February 10– 18, 2017

Zastrozzi is a man at the height of his power. Physically, spiritually, intellectually, he is the master criminal of all Europe and he stands poised to bring society to its knees before him. Yet rumours circulate that Zastrozzi has been neutralized, that the world is safe from Zastrozzi because he has become consumed by a singular, more personal ambition: Revenge. How far will one man go and how much carnage will he rain upon his own works to finally achieve his revenge? George F. Walker's sweeping epic brings us to a time and a place unlike any you'll see on stage this year. Directed by Keith Kollee, the mastermind of Scorpio Theatre's smash hit "Reservoir Dogs."

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The Laws of Thermodynamics

Directed by: Aaron Conrad
Written by: JCat Walsh
May 26 – June 3, 2017


When the end of the world came, it was not by fire or flood. It wasn't Martians or climate change or a meteor from space. It wasn't even revenge. Instead the end of the world was something much quieter, much softer, and much more melancholic. Now, so near to the end, one man finds himself in a place he said he'd never be with people he'd never imagined meeting - playing out the last mysterious chapter of his life in haunting parallel to the sombre fate facing our world. Scorpio Theatre's Artistic Director, Aaron Conrad, directs a night of theatre certain to stick with you  long after the curtains have closed and all the lights have gone black.