Thank you, everyone that came out to audition for Guards! Guards!

Please join us in welcoming our Fantastic Cast

Captain Sam Vimes – Duane Jones
Lady Sybil Ramkin/Plasterer/Chief Assassin – Jennifer MacLean
Carrot Ironfoundersson/Watchtower – Riley Galarneau
Footnote*/Voice/Dibbler – Rebecca Orion
Lupine Wonse – Dean Carter
The Librarian/Fingers/Ensemble – Melissa Bennett
Lord Vetinari/Knowlessman/Death/Arch Chancellor/Bunting Carrier – Robert Kirik
Zebbo/Van Pew/Ensemble – Erin Weir
Sergeant Colon/Carrot’s Dad/Doorkeeper – Brent Lowenberg
Corporal Nobby/Dunnykin – Hamish Crawford